What is Social Listening & How Can it Grow Your Business?

Business growth doesn’t happen overnight, it happens over a period of time. (Just like Rome wasn’t built in one day). But you can effectively grow your business faster with data-driven insight.

In Layman’s terms, this means using insight to create or modify your marketing strategies.

A few days ago, we shared how you can kick start your social media marketing strategy using this online marketing tool. Today, let’s look at how we can convert that to growing our business.

What is Social Listening?

Paige Leidig explains this the best. She says “(social listening) is a detailed analysis of your audience, what they care about, and where they discuss such things.” She explains the difference between social listening and social monitoring with a perfect analogy.

“Social monitoring is like getting a flu shot when everyone around you is getting sick, whereas social listening is like eating an apple a day so your immune system is healthy and strong no matter what you’re exposed to”


How Can Social Listening Grow Your Business?

The fastest way to grow your business is by listening to your audience. We can learn exactly what type of content they want to see, how they’re engaging online, and even possibly drive targeted leads through social listening.

To start off, we need to monitor our followers social media activity. Our team likes to use a tool called Agora Pulse. This tool allows you to connect all your social media channels in one place, and manage it without jumping from platform to platform.

Once connected to Agora Pulse, we can create searches for specific keywords, hashtags, accounts, and more.

Since our niche is in helping businesses grow online, we created two searches for ‘social media marketing’ and ‘Instagram marketing.’ When coming up with keywords to search for, ask yourself, “what are some keywords my audience might be looking for online?”

Instantly, I can see everyone talking about ‘social media marketing’. Right off the bat, we can see someone talking about Social Media Marketing World’s event next week in San Diego.

If we were going to the event, we can engage back and potentially create a new business partner! How would your business benefit if you found a way to mutually benefit and collaborate with other companies?

We can also use social listening to generate leads. Take this example:

Scrolling through our searches, we saw this Tweet asking users if they think influencers can drive successful marketing campaigns. Since we know we have a marketing funnel that starts with a step-by-step influencer marketing guide, we engaged back in a non spammy way and also let them know we have an offer that answers their question.

There are a ton of benefits for social listening. To learn more tricks on growing your business through social listening, check out this post from Social Media Today.

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