Why Should You Consider Starting a Podcast?

Podcasting has swiftly risen to become one of the most widely and popularly consumed forms of media on the web. It seems as if everyone in every conceivable niche across the board is creating a podcast about something they are interested in. With the simultaneous, explosive growth in online video and other forms of shared online media, the popularity of podcasts definitely raises some questions for modern-day entrepreneurs, business owners, and side hustlers.

“Why have podcasts become so popular?”

“Should I start and run my own podcast?”

“Is the market already too flooded to jump in?”

Why Have Podcasts become Popular?

There are several factors that have contributed to the undeniable growth in the podcast format. The first being that consumers of all types can find a podcast on anything that they are interested in. Whether that be personal growth and development, business and economics, art, entertainment, or the most niche hobby, there’s most likely a handful of podcasts for it.

With that, the format is easy to consume. Text and video require 100% of a consumer’s attention. Podcasts are great for putting on during a drive-time commute, in the background on a pair of headphones at work, while cooking dinner, or while getting caught up on laundry over the weekend. The format is incredibly accessible, and since it gives consumers the ability to multitask while listening, they can have a podcast on virtually anytime.

The Benefits of Podcasting

Podcasting extends the reach of a brand or business and builds loyalty with a target audience. It gives brands and companies the ability to publish their content in a popular, heavily consumed, long-form media format as a means of growing their total market visibility.

Consumers who are avid listeners of podcasts tend to build a sense of loyalty at an accelerated rate. After listening to a few hours of the same podcast, they build a sense of familiarity and comfort with the person or people who are running the show. Making them infinitely more likely to buy into their product or service in the future.

Why More People Should Start Podcasting

Podcasting gives individuals, brands, businesses, side hustlers and entrepreneurs alike the ability to share their passion and build communities with a niche audience. It gives them the ability to not only grow total visibility in a niche market, but also to build consumer, fan, and customer loyalty at a rate that is unique to other digital content formats. With the convenience of consumers being able to listen to a podcast anywhere at any time, the upsides of creating a podcast, significantly outweigh any of the downsides.

If you are interested in starting your own podcast, stay tuned as we will be publishing an all inclusive step by step guide on how to start, set up, maintain, and of course monetize a podcast. Until then, we will leave you with this free infographic depicting the 6 most important podcasting tips you will need to know before starting your podcast.

podcasting tips for beginners infographic

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