45+ Unique Tactics For Driving Traffic To Your Site

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  • Learn actionable  On-Site and Off-Site SEO tactics to generate and sustain website traffic
  • In depth strategic information for growing on the most popular social media (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram) 
  • Automation tips and tactics so your content is promoted and seen by your target audience 24/7
  • How strategically writing content to user intent and draw in hundreds of new visitors
  • Content syndication techniques that will help you leverage audience and build a following on sites such as Medium.

What you'll get:

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Discover traffic tactics that can generate targeted views and help you achieve your campaign goals.

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Hidden Facebook Tricks

Do you know the secret for creating an engaged audience on Facebook? Learn how to leverage ads, Facebook groups, and even how to retarget your most loyal followers!

Search Engine Optimization

Discover on-page and off-page SEO tricks to help boost your website to Google and rank for a higher number of keywords

Lead Gen and Email Marketing

Did you know you might be 'sitting' on one of the most overlook traffic distribution tactics? (Hint, it's your email list!) Learn how to align your messaging to generate traffic from your own list!

About The Side Hustle Profit

How can words and copy impact your future?  We’ll find out!

My name is Chris, and this blog, this concept has originated from a challenge and has evolved into an experiment.

Over the last 30 years, through a lot of hard work, I’ve been successful in multiple aspects of my career.  The challenge I’ve been presented with is to focus on pursuing my attainable lifestyle and I plan to do that while sharing this journey with you.

The “buzzword” today is to say, “I have a “super power.”  I don’t have any super powers, I’ve achieved what I have by simply building strategy around data-driven insights.  I am very good at that process. It’s fun to me.  I enjoy taking complex situations and making them easy to follow.  Thus as we complete this journey, I will be looking to the data to guide me so I can share the user-friendly version of the good (and bad) across this journey.

I’m excited to share my story with you and perhaps help you on your journey toward your attainable lifestyle!  Let’s continue on this together!