How JetBlue Uses Twitter to Build Loyal Customers Using This Tactic

When businesses think about Twitter, they think it’s a massive platform that can drive thousands of views to their website. They’re not wrong, but that’s not the only benefit. Twitter can be used for a plethora reason such as:

  • Talking to your targeted audience
  • Engaging with prospects and potential customers
  • Using a massive platform for customer service and social listening

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In a recent trip to upstate New York, I was getting ready to fly back home to South Florida. Unfortunately, I had to miss my flight due to an emergency. I immediately called their support team to see if they could change my flight. I really wanted to avoid spending another couple hundred dollars to buy a new ticket… With zero luck, I couldn’t change my flight without paying another $300!

Frustrated, I sent out a tweet…

Almost immediately, they replied. They asked me to send my flight number and voila! Flight was changed without any problems. Not only am I a happy customer, JetBlue has given me no reason to book with any other airline. (increasing my lifetime value.)

Lessons You Can Leverage For Your Business

Monitor social channels and reviews.

The first thing people look at when making a purchase are reviews. Whether it’s Google reviews, Amazon reviews, or even Yelp reviews, you want to make sure your brand has established positive social proof and credibility.

Simply changing my flight, I shared the story with my friends and family, and now JetBlue has a positive reputation to helping their customers and keeping them happy

You want to make sure you have a good standing with your audience. Would you want to buy from a company that wasn’t helpful? Or what if you read poor reviews by multiple people, is it worth spending money with a company that can’t help you?

Another thing to be cognizant is the ability to go viral (and it can swing either way.) What if a social media influencer had a similar story, and then promoted it to millions of followers? One simple tweet can either hurt or harm your business.

Keeping open eyes and ears online about your business is something you can do for a few minutes per day, that could potentially have multiple benefits.

Reply promptly

It doesn’t have to be immediately or at that specific moment, but people like feeling appreciated. The sooner you’re able to reply, the better the customer’s experience. You want to be able to sympathize with a disgruntled customer or at least make them feel trusted.

Do you remember your last visit to the doctors or even the DMV? Remember how frustrating it is just sitting and waiting… Enhancing the customer experience can really build trust with your audience.

And who do we buy from? …Those we trust!

Leverage Twitter for more than just publishing blog posts.

Remember, Twitter is a social media channel, so be social! Comment back to someone, share a funny gif or share ‘behind the scene’ exclusive photos, or simply retweet your audience!

The goal here is to get your audience engaging. The more they take interest in your business, the more they’ll generate your trust, and the easier it will be promote your content and products.

Have you been in a similar situation or have a unique customer experience story? Let us know in the comments below!

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